Configuration Essentials Training Course


In this course, you will learn how to configure a standard VT Journal Source from scratch and produce different output in various interface tables. The course will make use of generic configurations on our training servers. This course is not only ideal for people wanting to configure the product but also for those wanting to understand how it can be used in other areas of their IT solution.
  • Date: April 27th, 2020
  • Location: U.S. Office, Lake Oswego, Oregon
  • Registration: Open
  • Duration: 4 days
  • Price: $1,375 per person
  • Prerequisites: People attending the course should have prior Oracle EBS experience. The course is aimed at customers who will be creating or modifying configurations. The course will enable people to have a good understanding of the standard configuration steps of VT. Although we will be using SQL to query some data, we don't expect SQL knowledge. We will be using the latest version of VT273.


  • Entities, Tax Registrations, Relationships, Targets
  • Custom Data
  • Data Capture Methods
  • Dynamic Interfaces (levels 1-4)
  • Dynamic Query Sets
  • Assignment Control
  • Pricing Methods
  • Formula Sets
  • Transaction Rules
  • Transaction Control
  • Cache Summaries
  • Model Control
  • Column Rules
  • Custom Error messaging
  • Journal Summarization
  • Adjustment Rate and Tax Rate Control




Virtual Trader can produce intercompany documents from any source as invoices or directly as journals.

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Intercompany transactions are centralized and the settlement process becomes error and stress free.

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Centralization and automation reduce the chance of period close delays due to reconciliation issues.

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Virtual Trader is compatible across worldwide systems, so enterprise-wide intercompany can be pulled from any source.

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