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Empowering Intercompany Solutions through Automation

Virtual Trader is a global leader in automating intercompany and intracompany functionality in ERP and financial accounting processes. Our software provides mission-critical solutions to the world’s largest companies.

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Automate the full intercompany lifecycle:
create, reconcile, and settle


Automate Intercompany Transactions

Virtual Trader provides the gateway and business-rules repository that govern intercompany activity throughout the enterprise.

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    Control over transfer price
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    IC cross charges and loans
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    Management fees, allocations, and tax agreements

Seamless Intercompany Reconciliation

Independent creation of intercompany between businesses can lead to reconciliation and accounting challenges. Virtual Trader solutions automatically synchronize transactions, increase visibility, and reduce period-close delays.

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    Auto-reconciliation and matching of disparate IC
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    Support for multi-instance, multi-system, and multi-COA
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    API and web-service-based data integration

Advanced Intercompany Settlement

A dedicated intercompany subledger providing a single source of truth for the whole enterprise regardless of corporate IT landscape.
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    Tracking, aging, and settlement of IC liabilities at transaction level
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    Cash pooling, multilateral netting, and in-house banking
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    Treasury-system integration

Centralize Intercompany Compliance

Our enterprise-grade software ensures that companies achieve their tax and legal compliance.

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    IC Invoicing
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    Reporting and full audit history
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    Centralized compliance rules for global operations

Case Studies

Read how Virtual Trader has solved the intercompany challenges of multinational companies.

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