Automate IC value chains
Avoid customizations and manual workarounds
Control transfer pricing at the transaction level

In the modern business world, accounting for intercompany value chains is often complex and can stretch the boundaries of standalone enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. This leaves organizations having to either manually record activity, customize the ERP, or perhaps even being unable to implement their desired strategy at all. And with SaaS ERP systems, the choice to customize is removed altogether.

Virtual Trader is a highly flexible and multi-faceted application that solves these problems by automating the creation, reconciliation, and settlement of intercompany accounting. Trusted by the world’s largest multinationals, the configurable business rules engine allows complex intercompany value chains and supply chains to be accurately recorded without an army of accountants booking entries.

  • Complete Control

    As well as handling complex legal-entity hierarchies, with Virtual Trader you gain complete control over transfer pricing at the transaction level. In doing so rather than upon consolidation at period end Virtual Trader delivers more accurate figures, more quickly. And with all entries and calculations recorded in the system, it allows organizations to easily evidence their intercompany activity and painlessly sail through what can otherwise be stressful audits.

    Fiddly customizations and time-consuming manual workarounds are replaced with a system that integrates with your corporate ERP systems and can be reconfigured to deal with changes to business practice and legislation.


We have long and complex multi-tier legal entity relationships that could not be configured in our Oracle corporate ERP. Virtual Trader automates all that for us.

Global Freight Multinational

  • Improved Reporting and Compliance

    Operational reporting is also improved with Virtual Trader. Both business business rules and transactional details are retained, allowing data to be integrated into operational and financial reporting. And, courtesy of the dedicated intercompany subledger, all activity can be recorded and tracked regardless of source offering improved visibility and automated settlement.


    And to accurately record all this activity, Virtual Trader produces intercompany invoices with integration to indirect tax engines providing compliance and key evidence of both physical and logical intercompany flows.

Huge Feature Set

The powerful intercompany engine:

  • Supports multi-tier intercompany accounting
  • Automates and pre-reconciles intercompany cross-charges and recharges
  • Allows companies to respond to changes in tax law, such as BEPS
  • Accounts for indirect taxes, including sales and VAT
  • Offers access and reporting on data in real-time
  • Automates all postings in multi-tier scenarios using a single business event or trigger
  • Supports multiple charts of accounts and reporting ledgers
  • Dynamically accounts for transfer pricing at the transaction level
  • Deals effortlessly with physical and logical accounting flows

Discover More With a Demonstration

We offer a no-cost demonstration of Virtual Trader so you can experience its powerful palette of features!