Dedicated subledger for all intercompany activity
Single source of truth across the organization
Automated settlement of high volume activity

Adequately accounting for intercompany transactions is something many companies wrestle with during their day-to-day operations.

Managing legal entity relationships, their related due-to/due-from balances, and subsequent settlements can pose logistical problems.

  • Dedicated Intercompany Subledger

    Virtual Trader is a powerful solution that helps organizations deal effectively with advanced intercompany issues. It provides a dedicated intercompany subledger that offers an invaluable single source of truth for intercompany activity, regardless of the ERP system.

    The solution automates intercompany settlements, including the automatic creation of journal entries that are then interfaced to the corporate GL. With everything in one place, companies can settle only those invoices that are balanced and reconciled improving efficiency.

    The application fully integrates with existing treasury management systems to create a seamless operation for handling cash and non-cash intercompany settlements, journal postings, and currency FX.


Implementing Virtual Trader's ICS enabled us to free up $1bn+ per quarter in working capital by having access to precise IC balances — allowing us to settle timely and more accurately.

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  • Wider Viewpoint

    By implementing Virtual Trader, organizations are no longer limited to a siloed view of their environments. Instead, they gain access to quality data that drives sound business decisions, while no longer having to rely on accessing multiple systems and reports in order to keep track of intercompany balances.

    The solution further helps companies avoid issues related to cash settlements and wire transfers, regardless of the locations involved. It massively reduces the manual labor involved with intercompany activity, releasing talented personnel to work on other important areas of business.

Extensive Functionality

Virtual Trader delivers a range of functionality that hands your company a competitive edge while meeting global compliance requirements:
  • Offers automated settlement planning of invoice-level items
  • Facilitates scaling the intercompany function as your business grows
  • Links intercompany cash settlements to settled invoices
  • Improves working capital by providing visibility into intercompany balances across your organization
  • Via netting, reduces the number of wire transfers made
  • Empowers advanced business models, including intercompany shared service centers or centers of excellence
  • Facilitates advanced tax and treasury strategies, such as in-house banking, multilateral netting, and cash pooling
  • Tracks all open items, thus driving reliable aging
  • Handles loans and automates interest
  • Handles pay- and receive-on-behalf-of scenarios
  • Integrates with treasury systems, allocating open items to actual cash transfers

Discover More With a Demonstration

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