Provides a dedicated subledger for all intercompany activity
Automates creation, reconciliation & settlement
Supports multi-system and multi-COA

Many organizations operate shared service centers for various finance functions. But when it comes to intercompany, they discover that existing technology falls short leaving them seeking a suitable solution.

Virtual Trader is that solution a slick tool that empowers businesses to implement a shared service center model for intercompany that standardizes business processes globally, and achieves valuable economies of scale.

  • Improving Cohesion via Centralization

    Shared service centers and centers of excellence make it possible for organizations to leave behind splintered structures in which various legal entities and business units carry out identical functions semi-independently. These structures can lead to separate working patterns and procedures, which can in turn lead to a lack of cohesion.

    Virtual Trader ensures that organizations can centralize intercompany and intracompany business processes by being the technology that enables these efficient business models to be employed. Our solution provides a single view of the intercompany landscape, making it easier to monitor and control processes as well as quickly implementing company-wide changes when needed. Coupled with the increased automation that Virtual Trader brings, organizations are able to achieve improved productivity and thus a reduction in labor.

    As a single hub for intercompany activity across your organization, Virtual Trader ensures you can complete critical month-end tasks quickly and efficiently. By delivering a unified platform for both business rules and transactional data, Virtual Trader offers a single source of truth, unifying and centralizing your entire operation.


Virtual Trader was the bedrock for us implementing an intercompany centre of excellence for the first time.

US Health Insurance Giant

  • Vibrant New Model

    Virtual Trader is the enabler for a vibrant new business model. It provides a genuine intercompany subledger, which allows a shared service center team to have full access to a dedicated application with explicit delineation from trade accounting teams.

    With this centralized hub implemented across an entire enterprise, visibility into due-from/due-to balances is massively improved across your organization. This visibility drives more accurate intercompany settlement, improving working capital and contributing to increased profitability.

    By implementing Virtual Trader as a shared service center solution, organizations reduce the human error inherent in data processing through centralization and automation. There is also the attractive proposition of reducing your tax exposure by settling intercompany activity in an accurate and timely fashion.

Extensive Functionality

The extensive functionality in Virtual Trader:

  • Allows shared service center team members to view and transact on activity for all legal entities from a single tool
  • Supports the building of a centralized team with responsibility for global creation, reconciliation, and settlement
  • Provides intercompany services to business units and legal entities
  • Makes it possible to simultaneously book both sides of manual intercompany cross charges
  • Coordinates global close timings effectively
  • Produces bulk settlement and netting of agreed intercompany activity
  • Allows accounting, treasury, and tax teams to effectively coordinate on cash and non-cash settlements
  • Supports complex intercompany settlement models, such as in-house banking and multilateral netting

Discover More With a Demonstration

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