Obtain full evidence and audit history of charges
Automate calculations, IC invoices, and journal entries
Close books quicker without human error

For many companies, structuring and implementing a cohesive operational transfer pricing (OTP) framework is critically important for tax efficient planning. When multinational companies operate in several jurisdictions, tax authorities often pay more heed to relationships with overseas subsidiaries. OTP therefore plays a major role in effectively managing financial statements and reputational risk, ensuring that organizations have their tax affairs in order.

As important as this is, it can also be a laborious process. Most businesses that deal with OTP still manage it manually or rely on time-consuming spreadsheet entry.

  • Automating OTP

    Virtual Trader removes the hassle from implementing an effective OTP policy by automating the entire process, from data gathering to calculation and the resulting journal entry postings. Complex transfer pricing agreements and calculations are handled seamlessly with a centralized and standardized solution, ensuring the whole process runs smoothly.

    Implementing our solution takes human error out of the loop, resulting in repeatable results and improved performance each and every month. Organizations are quickly able to perform what can be a hugely complex process during the critical hours and days of a period close.


We have hundreds of tax agreements and periodic intercompany recharges. Our old spreadsheet-based approach was no longer feasible and would have prevented us from scaling. Virtual Trader solved that.

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  • Documented Evidence

    The Virtual Trader system also provides documented evidence of business rules, transactional data, and calculations for producing financial entries. The solution handles multi-currency with ease and makes it convenient and intuitive to make changes to OTP calculations when regulatory or business changes dictate.

    Not only does Virtual Trader eliminate human error in calculations and journal entries but the documented evidence it produces helps ensure that interactions with tax authorities and regulators are smooth and transparent.

Extensive Functionality

The extensive functionality in Virtual Trader allows you to:

  • Implement advanced tax strategies that involve complex calculations
  • Scale tax strategy on a global level
  • Standardize processes across your organization
  • Evidence your intercompany activity
  • Produce intercompany invoices for transfer pricing
  • Achieve total transparency with your OTP processes
  • Automate allocations, management fees, and tax agreements
  • Handle multi-currency requirements with intuitive business rules
  • Automate end-to-end multi-tier intercompany entries

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