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Our Acquisition by Valsoft: The Scale of the Opportunity for You

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Our recent acquisition by Valsoft Corporation promises exciting developments for our customers. 


Founded by Montreal-based technology entrepreneurs, Valsoft specialises in acquiring and developing software companies that provide mission critical services. They are also cloud experts, future-proofing more businesses as they make the transition.


However, Valsoft are not like other private equity companies – instead of selling the companies they acquire, they hold and develop them, forming long-term strategic partnerships. This is summarised by their motto, “Buy. Enhance. Grow.” It’s all about providing ever-increasing value to the end-customer. 


So, read on to discover how your intercompany accounting practises benefit from this partnership. 


About Valsoft Corporation


Valsoft operates in 20+ countries and more than 25 industries. They have acquired more than 70 companies now, and within this ecosystem are 2000+ employees. Among their sectors include financial services, grant management, and solutions used by governments for project cost accounting and other purposes.   


This vast, global network gives us access to developers and subject matter experts from all of those companies, and each time a new company is acquired, that resource pool grows. 


The interconnected ecosystem that is Valsoft drives continuous improvement, in terms of processes and products. To be precise, it leads to:     


  • Enhanced innovation: Our combined expertise and resources lead to increased research and development efforts. This enables us to continually innovate, making Virtual Trader – our intercompany accounting solution – one that evolves alongside technological advances. With added resources, there are also more opportunities for user input to shape product development. 
  • Shared best practices: Valsoft’s established best practices, systems, and protocols can be incorporated into our own operations, leading to improved service quality, consistency, and reliability. 
  • Quicker issue resolution: With more resources at hand, support is amplified, leading to quicker resolution of challenges or queries.


In addition, Valsoft has a decentralised management style, where each company retains its sovereignty. Customers are still collaborating with the same company they always knew — just with a far wider set of resources at their disposal.


Buy. Enhance. Grow. 


Valsoft’s philosophy is about buying and holding forever, developing each business based on its business optimisation formula. They are committed to investing extensively in each partner, making sure they have access to everything they need in order to deliver value.  


Partnering with the existing management teams in each company, they use proven strategies for growth based on operational excellence and best practises — again, while allowing each company to retain its identity and culture. 


Talent development is an essential tenet of the philosophy. Valsoft creates an entrepreneurial environment across the board, which moulds companies into industry leaders. Part of this process involves hiring enterprising individuals and providing them with a rewarding and enriching career path.   


Cloud Expertise 


We’ve been offering cloud based solutions for some time but Valsoft are SaaS experts — true veterans in the field. With this acquisition, all of that expertise takes our intercompany accounting solutions to new heights. 


Whether it's about building cloud-native applications or making use of the latest that cloud infrastructure has to offer, end customers are in for a superior SaaS experience.


With more large enterprises moving away from on-premise solutions these days, the acquisition comes at the perfect time. The transition of both existing and new customers to the cloud is easier with Valsoft, as we now have better resources for managing the people, process, and technology changes that arise. 


Embracing cloud technology provides a wealth of advantages, whether that’s the option to access systems remotely or experience less downtime. It also ensures competitive advantage through immediate essential updates and it eliminates the need for costly maintenance. 


In today's ever-advancing world, not making the move poses a significant competitive risk. May the days of being held back by the constraints of legacy systems be a thing of the past!


Global Staff with Rich Expertise


Along with Valsoft’s resources comes the support of a global workforce. This isn’t just about having more hands on deck — it’s about having hands that come with a broad range of experiences, cultural understandings, and varied expertise. 


With a staff that has a truly global perspective, product development and customer support are holistic, and responsive to diverse customer needs.


Global Reach & Local Insights 


It's a common misconception that such an extensive network compromises the personal touch and comprehensive understanding of individual markets. In reality, our partnership with a global entity empowers our delivery when it comes to the unique needs and challenges that come with each region.  


Our collaboration ensures that our knowledge of local markets remains at the forefront of our operations. Combining these insights with the vast resources we now have access to, we are poised to deliver solutions that resonate on a regional level, while still harnessing the power and innovation of a global network. This approach ensures our customers receive the best of both worlds. 


Streamlined Processes

Through this acquisition, processes from both organisations merge and streamline. This ensures that the best practices from both worlds are employed, resulting in more efficient operations and, ultimately, superior value for customers.


Valsoft have near-endless volumes of data at their disposal — the business intelligence that arises from its analysis ensures that any operational changes are executed based on a solid evidence base. 


Scaling Up Platform Development


Valsoft’s resources and experience will expedite the development of our solutions. Customers can now expect more frequent feature updates, which cloud based users can access quicker than ever. 


These improvements are laser-focused on ensuring our customers achieve their desired business outcomes more efficiently and effectively. Whether it’s about automating intercompany transactions, streamlining reconciliation or simplifying compliance, Virtual Trader will consistently be a step ahead.


Ultimately, this positions our customers at the forefront of technological advancement, always equipped with state-of-the-art tools that give them the edge. 




This acquisition is more than just a merger of two corporate entities. It’s a fusion of strengths and aspirations. For end customers, this translates to a software experience that is more robust than ever, and continually evolving. 


As we continue on this exciting new chapter, customers can look forward to solutions that leverage global expertise comprehensive SaaS experience. 


Virtual Trader handles intercompany transactions for some of the world’s largest, multinational organisations. To witness first-hand how it can automate your intercompany accounting from initiation through to settlement, contact us today and book a demo.